I had an electrical problem, so I called him for service. He called me back and was able how to fix my problem over the phone without having to come out. He didn't charge me anything!


Two of our bathroom exhaust fans had been flagged in our building inspection report. There was minimal airflow at the exterrior hoods on the roof and the recommendation was to upgrade the fans. Dave showed up on time and was very personable. He did a detailed assessment of the problem, including getting up into the attic and inspecting the duct work (which checked out OK) and the fan motors (also checked out OK). It turns out the orginal installer had installed incorrect impellers. Dave drove to a nearby supply store and purchased two new impellers for $26. Both bathroom exhaust fans are now functioning as expected. While Dave was there I also asked for him to fix a leak in my faucet and take a look at my garage door opener. He had the part in his truck and had it fixed within 10 minutes. He also recommended against doing anything with the garage door opener, even though it would have meant more money on his part (impressive in this economy). Overall 3.75 hours of labor, which included picking up the new impellers. Would do business with Dave again!


Wow. Dave is amazing! He gave me approximate amount of time he can finish his work over the phone, and surely he accomplished it. I was not sure what is the source of the problem with my toilet leakage. I was only able to describe over the phone. Dave was pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. I felt that I found a right person for the right job. He knows what he is good at and not good at. I do appreciate his honesty and the valuable advices he shared.


Dave was perfect. He was able to come out with only a days notice and did a FANTASTIC job. We also had some other issues that we needed looking at.  He gave stellar advice on other projects I have planned down the line and will be asked to come back when we can afford the much bigger and pricey jobs.   I've also already referred him to others. He's great and we will DEFINITELY use him in the future!!!


We contacted David on July 14, 2010. David came out  promptly the following day.   We were/are pleased with all aspects of his work. He took care not to make any more "mess" than was absolutely necessaryŚcleaned up the work area--was conservative in cutting the ceiling hole to make the repair--and in general showed respect for our home and belongings. He was pleasant, courteous, and kindly explained what had occurred and how he was going to resolve the problem. We would definitely call on David again!


I am very happy with the work that was done. It is very nice to have a versatile handymen. He is very professional, but friendly. He works quickly and efficiently. He is a very pleasant person to work with.


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