I have had David do anything and everything to fix things that go wrong around the house. He is wonderful, trustworthy and helpful. So great to have someone that you can call and trust to do what needs doing in an emergency or just when you have a little money and want to get things done.


David knows what he is doing and he is very honest. He has always done a thorough job for us.


One plus of hiring Dave was that he was happy to give us a list of supplies he needed, let us buy them, and then he did the labor himself, so that saved us some money. Also, he's a nice guy with good ideas. We'd definitely hire him again. :)


He was extremely honest and he was very diligent in finding the problem. I had a fire in my attic and he found the problem. He totally fixed it until my husband gets home in April and then the two of them are going to do the rest of the work. He was outstanding, superlative, diligent and hardworking. He was very caring and he stayed within the price that I gave him; in fact he was under and he was here all day long. He also made sure that we were safe in the rest of the house.   He went to the ultimate to take care of us. He was extremely, extremely conscientious. I told him that I couldn't go over $500 for the day no matter what it was and he would just have to make the situation work until a later date when I could afford it. I didn't know there had been a fire in the attic and he came down and showed me pictures of the burnt lumber and insulation. Even with that he still stayed within the $500. He honored a $25 coupon from Angie's List. His price blew me away. He worked all day and didn't even take a break anytime during the day. He was an all around great guy. He told me exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to fix it. He explained problems that I didnít even know in my house and he fixed a lot of those things. I will use him continually. You just donít find guys like him. I trust him implicitly.


Excellent experience. Explains what he did and why, and if you want, he will tell you how you can make certain easy fixes yourself in the future. He also followed up after the visit to order a part for me without me having to ask. He is professional, thorough, and the pricing is fair.


He was very responsive, came out next day after I called him. He was prompt, very professional. Brought everything he needed to do the job. He does excellent work, and all with a smile! I immediately booked him for more projects that I have been waiting for my husband to do for a long time! I highly recommend him. He is more reasonable and does more variety of types of work than some of the other large handyman services I have used in the Seattle area in the past.


Wow. Dave is amazing! He gave me approximate amount of time he can finish his work over the phone, and surely he accomplished it. I was not sure what is the source of the problem with my toilet leakage. I was only able to describe over the phone. Dave was pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. I felt that I found a right person for the right job. He knows what he is good at and not good at. I do appreciate his honesty and the valuable advices he shared.

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